Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What's Family Got To Do With It?

Absolutely everything, say it again! I had an argument with my sister a few days ago and in the heat of anger ugly words were exchanged back and forth. It was one of the biggest tiffs we've probably ever had. Literally minutes after, we sincerely apologized to one another and buried the hatchet, mainly thanks to my ever-wise brother that pretty much explained how foolish our disagreement was. I was so upset with myself because I know how much I love and respect my sister and I regret ever hurting her feelings.

This got me to thinking about an episode of the Oprah Show I had watched a couple of years back about two sisters that had held on to a feud and refused to speak to each other for over 20 years! At the time it seemed that such a separation between family members was unthinkable and I concluded that they probably were never as close as my siblings and I. Now I see how easily that situation could apply to anyone.

The culprit is PRIDE. It is a deadly sin. It can cripple you to the point that you are willing to waste precious time NOT sharing beautiful and meaningful moments with family because you don't want to concede "defeat." Forget it. It's not worth it. Truly be a bigger person and throw away your anger, pride, and feelings of entitlement. We have all been blessed with our families and it would be foolish of any of us to take this limited time we have here on Earth to fight with them instead of spending it laughing, giving, and appreciating one other.

As unpleasant as the dispute between my sister and I was, I'm grateful for it because I realize now more than ever how much she means to me and how incomplete my life would be without her. To anybody currently struggling with family problems or battling family members (father, mother, brother, sister, aunt, etc), I implore you to simply LET IT GO.  I pray for the grace to always easily forgive and let go, so should you too. My worst fear would be to wake up one day years down the line, and not be able to pick up my phone and call my sister or any other beloved family member of mine because we're "feuding." That would just be ridiculous.

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