Saturday, August 25, 2012

25 Simple Pleasures at 25

Hello readers! I apologize for being M.I.A these past few weeks without a post, my computer crashed and everything else in my life seemed to tumble down at the same time with it. While dealing with the many "downs" of my existence(crashed computer, unemployment, bills, etc) I have realized that to retain my sanity I'm going to focus on and enjoy the simple things that bring me joy. Here is a list of 25 simple pleasures of mine: 

 1. Moscato 
 I'm not an alcoholic but I must admit that this sweet wine makes me feel bubbly and happy when I drink it, which happens to be more often than not these days. 

 2. New York style cheesecake 
Decadently delicious; my sweet sweet love. 

 3. Pinkberry yogurt 
 My not-so-healthy alternative to ice cream. I add way too many sugary toppings and syrups. 

 4. Inside the Actor's Studio 
 The only interviewing show on TV for actors that really delves into the craft of acting; I'm addicted to it. 

 5. The Tudors season 1-4 on DVD
 In my opinion, one of the best TV shows ever! It's about the turbulent reign of King Henry VIII in England. The script is amazing, the actors are witty and gripping, and the wardrobe is enviable. I love this show immensely! 

 6. Golden Girls 
 Another TV show that captured my heart. The story of four elderly women living together that is both endearing and educational. It shows a realistic portrayal of the ups and downs of friendship that inspires the audience to maintain patience and perseverance in personal relationships. And the hilarious sense of humour they all have is quite enjoyable too. 

 7. Frasier 
 Another exceptionally witty and intelligent show. Frasier will always be a jewel very dear to my heart. 

 8. Writing 
 Be it short stories, poetry, songs, blogs, I just love writing! One of the only times I am truly happy and feel like I belong is when I put pen to paper and create. 

 9. 50 Shades of Grey 
 I already have a post on this book raving about how much I enjoyed it. It was a refreshing and addictive read that I'm glad I stumbled upon. 

 10. Pandora on my BlackBerry 
 Love, love, love my direct access to a plethora of music on my phone. Whenever I am dealing with insomnia I quickly open up my Pandora app and let the music send me off to dream land. 

 11. Maxi dresses 
 My favorite lazy outfit. It easily slips on, accentuates my womanly curves, and feels so comfortable. 

 12. Leggings/Tights 
 Another simple and very affordable article of clothing that can be paired with blouses, dresses, skirts, and more. 

 13. Victoria's Secret goodies 
 Now I don't necessarily put this on for anyone in particular since I am currently of the "single" status. I just love wearing a nice underwear set underneath my clothes from time to time because it makes me feel pretty and sexy. You'll be surprised how your mood changes once you replace your granny draws and old bras with a Vicki's Secret piece. 

 14. Pink nail polish 
 I enjoy wearing black clothing a lot so it makes me feel girly and upbeat when I add a pop of color like pink on my nails. 

 15. Inverted Bobs 
 It has become the new hair trend of the year. Everywhere I turn I see a lady rocking the look and I have to say, I love it! It is edgy, sexy, and I just got my hair cut in the style and I'm loving my new hairdo. 

 16. Peplum 
 Another trend of the year but this one has to do with fashion. I love the peplum look because it is flattering to all women, giving the illusion of a slim waist and shapely hips. I'm a fan. 

 17. "25 & Up" clubs/lounges 
 Call me ageist but I just love the clubs that restrict entrance to only people 25 & Up. It makes me feel like I belong to an exclusive club made up of older, sensible, and more attractively dressed folks. 

 18. My glorious bed 
 Nothing like coming home to a firm, relaxing bed after a long day of work. Ha! I'm unemployed. But it doesn't mean I can't appreciate the comforts of a good bed. I adore my bed. 

19. Midol 
 Ladies, you understand. Our monthly visitor likes to bring with it some extremely painful cramps. Two tablets of the "magic pills" and I feel like a human again. 

 20. Neutrogena facial scrub 
 I've used many facial washes/scrubs in my day but this stands out as the best one. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and deliciously tingly. 

 21. Nair hair removal cream 
 Yes, yes, yes. No more razors and the bumps they leave behind. I simply apply Nair to my legs and the hair comes off within minutes and leaves my legs 100% smooth. 

 22. Charbroiled oysters
 Delicious. If you haven't tried 'em I suggest you rectify that immediately. If you are in the New Orleans area   I suggest going to Drago's restaurant, they have the best charbroiled oysters I've ever tasted. 

 23. Hot sausage poboys 
 A staple sandwich in Louisiana. So unhealthy yet so delish. 

 24. All Nigerian food 
 I can't specify one dish because I love them all. I have lived and eaten food all over the globe and find Nigerian food to be the most flavorful and delicious food out there. I can't live without it. From fufu and egusi soup to jollof rice to yam porridge to plantain and beans to many more. 

25. My family 
 All the above mentioned have definitely brought joy to my life but I wouldn't be standing here without my parents and my siblings. Whenever I feel overwhelmed or helpless they give me enough of an incentive to keep going. They have supported me in emotional and financial ways and I owe them to be the best person I can be. 

 There they are. As you can see food is a MAJOR source of happiness in my life. What can I say, I'm a glutton smh. Anyways, the point of this post is to remind people that although life can really suck at times, there are so many good things that we shouldn't ignore and do our best to always appreciate.


  1. I think i agree with almost all 25 of your simple pleasures....just not the po-boys..only because i live in boston and do not know what that disrespect though..nair hair removal..hmm..dont get me started..the things we ladies have to do these days..its funny you mentioned peplum because i have three of those skirts in my closet right now..we must stay current with the trends :)

    1. lol, no problem Amaka. Whenever you come down to the Big Easy I'll have to introduce you to the deliciousness that is the po-boy.