Sunday, June 10, 2012

Top Ten Dates To Try

Alright ladies, I have researched and come up with the top ten dates I think every woman should go on. Of course everyone is familiar with the good ol' dinner/movie date but that can get tiring after the 15th time! I have had quite the number of dates in my life and these have been some of my most memorable and enjoyable ones.

1. Wine/Beer Tasting

A wine or beer tasting is the best date to really loosen you and your partner up. You both get to enjoy the wonderful taste of different classic wines and their cheese pairings (or different beers), as well as the bonus of getting a little tipsy which should get rid of any nerves you might have and allow you to enjoy each other's company with ease.

2. Sports Bar

Dave & Buster's is one example of a perfect place. It has adult arcade games, a restaurant, and a bar section. Nothing like connecting with the inner kid in you. It is guaranteed fun; you'll both spend the evening playfully competing with each other while bowling, playing video games, or any of the other fun games to partake in. You can pop into the restaurant to grab some grub to keep your energy up and stop at the bar for a drink or two afterwards.

3. Comedy Show

Laughter is the greatest ice breaker on any date. I love when a guy takes me to a comedy show because the jokes just keep flowing, our laughter is resounding all night, and I definitely feel more connected to him by the end of the night. I love to laugh and I appreciate a guy that feels the same way.

4. Horseback Riding

Yes! Take it outdoors. Spend time with each other on a ranch riding horses and talking while taking in the freshness and beauty of nature. The air, trees, and grass will all combine together to make it a very romantic and enjoyable date.

5. Shooting range

Let's go crazy! I remember the first time I went to a shooting range with a date and it was honestly one of the most adrenaline-filled, exhilarating experiences of my life. To hold that gun in hand and aim at the target sheet and just shoot makes you feel strong, powerful, and for me a little turned on. And the obvious bonus is seeing the smile from your date and the look in his eyes clearly indicating he's impressed at your willingness to try and enjoy something new. Trust me, after handling big guns for a couple of hours chances are you'll both be feeling hot, bothered and ready to handle some different "guns" in the boudoir later on *wink wink.*

6. Laser Tag

Another kiddie date moment. There's nothing wrong with embracing your inner youngster. Not enough people are doing it, that's why you see so many grumpy-looking folks. This is another energy-packed activity that will have you and your date running around, laughing, chasing each other with laser targeting devices in good, clean fun. It's a painless "workout" that will keep both of you engaged and entertained.

7. Spa Date

Ladies, let the sexy begin. I recommend this as one of the most romantic dates out there. Going to a spa together is very intimate. Drinking and eating the complimentary champagne & strawberries in matching robes together, getting relaxing deep tissue massages (if you're bold enough, giving each other massages), and enjoying a mud or steam bath will make for a very sensual experience. Don't worry, it's no reason for you to question your guy's sexuality. Many heterosexual men enjoy a good massage now and again.

8. Art Gallery exhibition

This is the type of date I encourage to those who want to explore their interest in visual arts and want to share it with someone special. Both you and your date will spend the evening viewing different art pieces (paintings, sculptures, photographs), discussing your interpretations of the artists' meanings, and learning more about what type of art you are both drawn to and inspired by. It's a refreshing, intellectually-charged date that you will both love.

9. Concerts

Music time. Everyone loves music so you should indulge in a concert for a musician or band that you both enjoy and spend the night grooving with your date to music you love. It's a common interest that you will both appreciate each other for.

10. Dance Classes

Wear your favorite dress, put on your dancing shoes, and visit the world of Latin dance. Latin dances are known for being very sensual so I recommend a salsa or merengue class. The sexy steps, close skin-to-skin action, staring into each others eyes; these will all make up the romantic groove of the date. And learning a couple of sexy dance moves along the way couldn't hurt.

So there you have it. Some of these dates may seem too intimate or too out-of-the-box for you but that is exactly the reason why you have to try them. Getting into a dating routine can be very boring and these types of dates can be very helpful when it comes to connecting and bonding with your first-time date or special someone.


  1. ii hear you oh..sister i hail you sef..BUT where are the reasonable men to actually coordinate such a date???? every guy these days wants to come chill or kick it at your house..umm..who told them i like entertaining visitors in my home..??

    1. lmao! I no blame you, I don't like people coming over to my place any kind of dear they are the guys that are close to 30 or above. I'm telling you, young boys are still jokers