Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ten Things I Dislike that Women Say

Sorry gals, I have to start off my posts a bit negative towards y'all  but you really do get on my nerves sometimes! And before you ask who made me an expert on women remember that I am one. Here is my list of top ten things women say that just gets me boiling:

1. "I wish men would treat me as their equals. I'm just as smart as they are!" 

LIES. If that was the case then you wouldn't still expect men to pay for dates, propose, or stand as the financial head of the household. How about you each take turns paying for dates? Or you propose to him when you're ready? Crickets...that's what I thought.You want him to consider your job as important as his, but then refuse to go half in when rent day rolls around. He can't take you seriously when you latch on to him like a dependent infant. Work hard, engage in intelligent social/political conversation, pay for dinner or cover the rent from time to time and trust me he won't have a choice but to see you as someone of equal footing. 

2. "I'm not a gold digger." 

Ha! But you ain't messing with no broke n***a right? Get outta here. We're women and no woman wants to be with a man she sees as struggling. Plain and simple truth. You may not be asking for a Bill Gates type, but you definitely haven't worked hard all your life and spent tons of money on your physical appearance (hair, makeup, nails, clothing, etc) to attract a broke dude. It's OK to admit you want a man with money, just make sure there's more attracting you to him than just his fat wallet. If that's it, unfortunately it won't last. Your need for more substance will outweigh the flashy lifestyle and you'll both end up unhappy. 

3. "I feel fat.' 

Then get your booty in the gym! There is nothing I hate more than women complaining about body weight. There are gyms all over the place so sign up and get moving. If you need motivation to do it, get a personal trainer! If the gym isn't your ideal workout environment then you can do other physical activities like walking, swimming, hiking, kickboxing, and more that keep you active. Don't just sit at home on the couch wishing your body could look different when you are more than capable of making it happen.

4. "I'm in love!"

Indeed. I laugh when I hear my friends say they're in love one day and the next week or month inform me that they "fell out of love" with the guy. Really? Do you even know what the word love means? For me love is when you are completely enamored by the essence of a person. When a guy's beliefs, character, and personality align with yours. When you care for someone so much that you can't envision a life without him in it. When you "fall in lust" with someone's good looks and hard rock body, that is not love. When you "fall in riches" with someone's financial status, that is not love. Get your definitions straight ladies. 

5. "I freaking hate girls that gossip." 

So you've just told me that you are a gossip. Good one. Everyone I've ever known who claimed wasn't a gossip has gossiped to me about someone else. As women we find it hard to keep our mouths closed when anyone is around us because there is always some tidbit of information we're privy to that is just itching to come out of us. Try focusing on how you can tone down your own gossiping tendencies instead of picking on it in others. 

6. "I'm not a ho, I just have sex with almost everyone I date." 

Then what are you?  Let me say this, I don't consider you promiscuous if you have constant sex with an exclusive partner but I definitely don't know what else to call you if you are out there dating several men each month and having sex with almost all of them. There are too many STD's being passed around these days and too many unwanted children being born to not limit your sexual partners. You can have sex 100 times a week for all I care, I would simply prefer if it were with 1 or at most 2 people. It's irresponsible to have sex with multiple partners at a time, many times probably unprotected, especially now that we have all these advanced sex toys out there that can safely relieve the itch. 

7. "I'm not looking for a relationship, just a good time." 

Good luck with that one. This is definitely one of the statements that I consider easier said than done. If you are repeatedly having sex with someone you can't help but develop familiarity and some form of an attachment to that person. It will disturb you, at least a little bit, to realize that he wants nothing long-term with you and he is comfortable replacing you with the next woman that comes along. 

8. "I don't know why she's "hating" on me, must be jealousy." 

It could just be good old-fashioned advice. Many women expect to have "yes-I-agree-friends" and are threatened when met with disapproval of their lifestyle or life choices. If a woman is truly your friend, you definitely will encounter arguments and a difference of opinions because she won't be afraid to tell you how she really feels about you and your life because she has your best interest at heart. Friendship should be productive with both parties willing to listen and learn from each other. 

9. "I'm a bad b***h...he needs to realize what he's got." 

Ridiculous. Do you have any idea just how many "bad b***hes" are out there? Too damn many. Of course any man you're in a relationship with should realize your worth, but you need to also realize his worth. Chances are as great as you might think you are, there may be areas that you need valid improvement in. Spend more time communicating about your expectations of each other instead of assuming you're perfect. 

10. "Oh my gosh, she's so hideous."

How sad for you. There are too many women that say this exact thing or similarly insulting lines. This must stem from insecurity because if you are content with yourself and how you look, you wouldn't derive pleasure from insulting others. Many times women say this about other women they consider more attractive out of sheer jealousy and feel validated in their own beauty by badmouthing others. 

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