Thursday, April 5, 2018

The Employee No One Can Afford To Have

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The Divider.

From the beginning of time, the idea of "divide and conquer" has always been an effective strategy for overthrowing people and regimes, or colonizing nations.

Pitting one person against another, or one group against another group, within the same ecosystem works like a charm every single time.

It also applies in companies, institutions, and organizations. 

The Divider is your most dangerous employee. 

The Divider thrives in the lane of gossip, malice, and sabotage.

The Divider spends time planting seeds of discord and discontentment among employees which causes them to spend more time and energy on anger, bitterness, frustration, and resentment instead of creativity, collaboration, productivity, and maximizing profits. 

The Divider is a nuisance yet poses the greatest risk to your organization or institution's success.

I recently heard the story of a preacher famously noted for saying that he could easily forgive a remorseful church member that stole money and welcome him / her back into the church team but he could not allow any person known for having a spirit of division back into his team -- regardless of that person's deemed value. 

When looking at the opportunity cost of keeping or not keeping a divider, the scale does not lie -- the cost always outweighs the opportunity, no matter who it is. 

If you run or intend to run a company, organization, or institution, beware of the dividers. 

They constantly seek to plant themselves on "fertile soil" that they can destroy over time.

They will cost you productivity hours, a conducive working environment, the health & wellness of your team, and profits. 

If you know what's good for you, don't let a divider (or dividers) through your front door.

Na one "wahala" you no wan enter :)
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Thursday, March 29, 2018

The Gift of Facebook and Cambridge Analytica

Facebook and Cambridge Analytica topped the news last week. 
If you don't know what I'm referring to, check out CNN for more information. 
The issue surrounding sharing personal data online and the lack therein of privacy became a huge topic of discussion with the outcome of the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal including several people deleting their Facebook accounts (based on the viral #deletefacebook hashtag on social media) and the stock value of Facebook significantly dropping. 

The entire situation reminded me of the "Big Brother" concept from the famous George Orwell novel, 1984, which depicts a dystopian society where the government controls and monitors the actions and movements of all its civilians through a system referred to as "Big Brother". 


There's good news.

There are people rejoicing as I write this post. 
There are people ready to claim their big break in the midst of this data safety chaos. 
They are the ones that will be in hot demand like never before -- by other companies and organizations that have seen what has happened to Facebook and will need to implement a swift risk management strategy to avoid this happening to them.

They are the "wise ones". 

The ones who had the foresight to get their degrees in fields such as cyber-security while others looked on and asked, "I wonder why he/she is wasting all that money getting a degree in such an odd course while there is medicine or engineering or law to pursue".

The ones who sought to be on the right side of the "solution" to a problem that people or companies (e.g. Facebook) did not know they would have. 

I'm really fond of such people. 

The "early adopters" as Seth Godin, author and business executive, would call them. The ones that look for the marginal career paths while others fight like "crabs in a barrel" for the popular, center-stage professional fields that are overcrowded with too many qualified candidates.

This Facebook fiasco has reminded me of two very important truths:

1. There is always more opportunity (career, financial, etc) in the uncharted territories where most are not willing to go.

2. The early adopters always get the biggest payouts in the end.

Cheers to journeying into uncharted territories and being courageous enough to be an early adopter :)
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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Turn Back the Battle at the Gate

Image result for turn back the battle at the gateIn case you don't already know, when you're at the helm of new growth or advancement, distractions surface for battle. 

Distractions don't ever announce themselves as distractions -- they come in the form of people, places, pressures, etc. "People" that provide more headache than help, "places" that are fueled by toxic vibes, "pressures" that heap on feelings of overwhelm and stress.

They have one job -- to derail you off track. To transfer your mind, energy and time from productive efforts and initiatives to wasted thoughts, fears, disputes, and worries.

There's only one thing for you to do to consistently win and not become prey to distractions:

Turn Back the Battle at the Gate. 

Simply refuse to entertain the distraction. Don't feed into it. Don't fuel it. Don't welcome it -- turn it back around. 

2018 is a great year -- I can feel it and it makes me all giddy inside like a school girl :)

In 2017, I was an easy target for distractions -- when they came, I conceded defeat and got swept up in the madness. The distractions had an easy win almost every time.

In 2018, the distractions have already started showing up again -- as is only right since they have a "job" to do. The difference is that I am more prepared for them than I was before. I now practice something that diffuses their power. I simply...

Turn Back the Battle at the Gate. 

I have too much "good" to focus on. There is no time and energy for distractions. There is no time and energy, or desire even, to entertain the "wahala" they bring. There is only time for myopic focus on personal development and to...

Turn Back the Battle at the Gate.

There is much for you to do and achieve in 2018 and beyond. There is much for you to enjoy and laugh about. There is much for you to experience with those you love, that you trust and are happy to be around. There is also a bucket load of distractions just waiting to rain down on you. So, I suggest you do this one thing and make it a regular habit...

Turn Back the Battle at the Gate.

If you turn enough of your distractions back at the gate, they end up having to fight themselves while you get to escape in peace.

I've already started doing this and I'm much happier, dare I say "peaceful", for it :)

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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Sean Carter Case Study

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  I don't fan-girl for anyone. 

The only celebrity I saw myself getting starry-eyed over, if we ever met in person, was Michael Jackson -- we lost MJ in 2009 so odds of that happening are zero. 

That being said, I have an affinity for Jay-Z. 

There's "something" about the guy I've always liked. This past weekend, while scrolling through my social media feeds, I came across this quote from him:

"When I used to walk into a room, I'd wonder if they liked me. Now when I walk into a room, I wonder if I like them."

I read it and smiled, reminded of that "something" I like -- leading me to do a quick case study of the man, focused on four key highlights about Mr. Sean Carter.  

Sean Carter is willing to try different musical sounds and collaborations: in 2008, he collaborated with Linkin Park on a mash-up of their single "Numb" with his popular track "Encore" and reminded us that mixing rap and rock & roll can produce some pretty "sexy" tunes. Keep in mind, this was a big risk he was taking and if it turned out wrong, could have cost him a significant portion of his fan base. This is just one example of his daring approach to music, which I love. 

Sean Carter is willing to diversify his portfolio: aside from being a rapper, songwriter, and music producer, he is also an entrepreneur and investor. From his company Roc Nation (making money from music publishing, artist management, and touring) to his 40/40 sports bar/club chain (with eight locations, including Tokyo) to being part owner of the New Jersey Nets basketball team (valued at around $269 million). 

Sean Carter is willing to put aside ego and believe in the power of reconciliation: In 2016, Kanye West decided to call out Jay-Z and Beyonce in one of his infamous onstage concert rants and made some pretty character-damaging comments against both. The average person might let the offense result in bitterness and retaliation. In a post-rant interview, he was asked about his thoughts on Kanye and the matter; he admitted that he was initially very upset however, Kanye will always be his "brother" and that while they're going through a rough patch, he foresees reconciliation in the future. I consider that a class act. 

Sean Carter is willing to be vulnerable and admit fault: over the past few years, rumors had been swirling of infidelity in his marriage to Beyonce. Between 2017/2018, he was interviewed on two high profile shows where he admitted he had stepped out of his marriage and that he sought therapy to help him delve deeper into the "why" of his actions and how to get past them / fix his union. In the rap world, this doesn't happen on a "regular" basis. 

When I think of Mr. Sean Carter, I am called to do the following:
  • take calculated risks 
  • have an "empire state of mind" 
  • put my ego to death daily
  • remain true to myself and my vulnerabilities (whether "trendy" or not)
I could go on but then this post would get "too long" :)

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Saturday, January 27, 2018

When "They" Come Out To Play

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You know who they are. 

When you have an idea...they come out to tell you the 101 reasons why you shouldn't move forward with it.

When you fail...they come out to insult, mock, and kick you while down.

When you choose peace and sanity...they visit you with chaos, disorder, and headache. 

When you make the effort to be kind and inclusive, they repay you with mean-spirited actions, demeaning words, and gossip. 

They always know when to show up, it's like clockwork.

And that can be highly annoying. 


There's something they haven't figured out yet that should bring some comfort your way. 

They actually work for you.

When they doubt your ideas?  
They push you to question yourself and ensure you have a worthy idea with a solid plan to back it up. 

When they laugh or insult your failures?  
They test your perseverance and help you develop the "comeback muscle" that you will leverage on to produce better outcomes the next time around (whatever the case may be for you). 

When they throw chaos and disorder your way?  
They remind you the importance of developing a "peace that surpasses all understanding" mindset which allows you to remain calm and centered in the midst of anything; from background noise to complicated whatever else you find yourself surrounded by. 

When they repay your kindness with ugliness?  
They teach you that you won't always get what you give however, their ugliness can inspire you to have genuine appreciation for those you come across in life who are kind and full of beauty. 

Believe it when I tell you they work for you. 

They are providing an environment to push you beyond your perceived limits, to strengthen your endurance level for pain, and to equip you with the tenacity to keep aiming for greater heights. 

The sweet part?  

They work for you for free -- best cost-saving scheme ever
You should probably send 'em a thank you gift :)
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Monday, January 15, 2018

2017 Recap and 2018 Action Items

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 Welcome to 2018 everyone!

I hope you're excited for what's in store this year.

As I did at the beginning of last year, I'll be sharing a recap of my 2017 experience and plans for 2018, via "themed categories", with updates on 2017 action items I had and what they are for 2018.


2017 Action Items
  • Travel to at least 3 additional states within Nigeria (outside my home base)
    •  Achieved
      • Lagos: She Leads Africa SLAY event
      • Jos: FUN-related wedding matters with friends, food, and shisha :)
      • Sokoto: work-related matters to supervise project implementation
  • Travel to at least 2 African countries 
    • Overachieved
      • Niger Republic (work)
      • Liberia (work)
      • Sierra Leone (work)
      • Chad (work)
      • Kenya (PURE FUN:)
2018 Action Items
  • Travel to at least 3 additional states within Nigeria I've never visited
  • Travel to at least 2 countries outside of Nigeria   


2017 Action Items
  • Create and stick to a strict monthly budget
    • 75% Achieved 
      • What can I say? Some months come with unforeseen demands
  • Document my weekly expenses and review monthly
    •  75% Achieved
      • On average, I was pretty good with this; could've been better
  • Get disciplined with tithing
    • 100% Achieved 
      • Finally! 
2018 Action Items
  • Stick to a strict monthly budget
  • Document my weekly expenses and review monthly 
  • Remain disciplined with tithing


2017 Action Items: 

  • Reignite my awe and reverence for the beauty and magnificence of God and how He operates in my life (His grace, His mercy, and His blend of justice)
    •  50% Achieved
      • If I'm honest, in the second half of the year I  had many days where complaints and a lack of gratitude took over instead
  • Daily gratitude journal: write 5 things I'm grateful for at night before bed
    • 50% Achieved 
      • Started strong in the first half of the year; dropped off afterwards
  • Give more empathy, forgiveness, and energy to name a few things
    • 75% Achieved 
      • Made a conscious effort to do this; could have done even better
2018 Action Items
  • Start and end my day with "thank you"
  • Give more empathy and forgiveness to others 
  • Give less energy to worry 
  • Say "NO" to toxic, waste-my-damn-time, not-good-for-my-blood-pressure relationships (especially the one I've been prone to have with myself)


2017 Action Items
  • Upload a post at least once a week (48 in total)
    • 48% Achieved 
      • Kai! 23 out of 48 expected posts (*covers face with hands*)
      • Do work-specific posts on an organization's blog count? If so, I can bump up to 56% :)
  • Diversify the blog with posts on varied themes
    • Achieved 
      • Wrote posts on career, money, relationships, and more
  • Revive the "Get Crazy" Series: Steve HarrisKola Olaosebikan, Moyo Mamora
    •  Not Achieved
  • Transfer from Blogger to WordPress
    • Not Achieved
  • "Special Event" coming soon
    • Not Achieved    

2018 Action Items
  • Upload at least 48 posts in 2018
  • Keep the post topics diversified
  • Finally transfer from Blogger to WordPress
  • Finally hold the "Special Event"  in January -- super excited about this one!


2017 Action Items
2018 Action Items
  • Intentionally read EVEN MORE

There we have it folks, my 2017 at a retrospective glance and a snippet of my 2018 plans. 

Cheers to 2018 being a year filled with more genuine love, laughter, learning, fulfillment, and over 90% of action items achieved for us all :)

What were some of your highlights and misses of 2017? What's one major thing on your action items list for 2018?

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